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Dad: The Big Hero for Little Crises
June 1, 2011, 5:37 am
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Life has its major crises, of course. Illness, death, job loss, and so forth. These things require a loving family to pull together and get through the tough times. Thanks to our merciful Lord, however, these times are usually few and far between, and we can sometimes go for many years without having to face such trials.

Life is full, however, of the little crises that loom large in the moment. These can range from a flat tire on the interstate to a stray bird trapped in the house. It may be in these little crises that Dad has one of his most important roles.

In the truly big crises, Dad steers the ship and gets the family through it, but in most cases he can’t really fix anything. Death still comes; the economy still has its victims; the tears will still flow. In the little crises, Dad has the opportunity to be the hero, and being the hero during those times is important, and not just to Daddy’s ego. Daddy’s heroism – his calm self-assurance that he can fix the problem – during the little crises matters because here the kids learn to trust their father, to turn to him in times of trouble, to believe in him. They learn hope even when they are scared or hurt or sad. And if they learn to have hope and to trust in their earthly father, their faith and hope in their heavenly Father can follow.

A child’s love for their father is a template for their love for God. If we, as fathers, are trustworthy, and even heroic, in those little crises that seem so scary to children, then they will learn, on an emotional level, that God Himself is trustworthy and heroic in all things. If they come to believe that Dad won’t be there for them, then how will they learn that God is there for them? In that case they may find themselves leading a lonely life, with only themselves to rely on.

Here is a short and humorous (at least to me) example of one of those “little crises”.

Elijah: “How did this corn get in my nose?”
Dad: “Is there a corn in your nose?”
Elijah: “Yes.”
Dad: “What kind of corn?”
Elijah: “Popcorn.”
Dad sits up.
“Did you put a popcorn kernel in your nose?”
“I don’t know.”
“Elizabeth, bring me a flashlight.”
Elizabeth hands Dad a Harry Potter wand.
“That’s a wand, not a flashlight.”
Elizabeth: “It lights up. I can’t find the flashlight.”
“It’s … never mind.”
Dad sighs and points wand into Elijah’s nose. There is no light.
“You have to shake it.”
Dad shakes the wand. It lights up, and Dad peers into Elijah’s nose.
“Yup. There’s a popcorn kernel in his nose. Elijah, blow hard.”
Nothing comes out.
“Eliz, get me the bulb nose aspirator.”
For several minutes Dad tries sucking out the kernel, to no avail. Elijah starts to panic.
“That didn’t work. Get me the tweezers.”
Elijah: “No!”
“Lie down, son. I won’t hurt you.”
Several minutes of gentle probing later:
“Ok. We may have to go to the ER. Elijah, blow again. HARD.” Dad covers his mouth and other nostril.
Elijah blows. The kernel flies across the room and lands in Elizabeth’s lap. Elizabeth shrieks and runs away.


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Thank you! This brought back very happy memories.

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