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The Only Essential Thing
May 18, 2011, 3:27 pm
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Do you long to succeed? To accomplish something?

Do you find yourself saying things like:

I gotta get into this school.

I gotta make varsity.

I gotta win the contest.
I gotta get the lead role.
I gotta lead the council, the committee, or the club.
I gotta have a great career. I gotta get that promotion.
I gotta have the prettiest wife. I gotta have the biggest muscles. I gotta get attention when I’m at the beach.
I gotta have the nicest lawn and the biggest house and the newest car. I gotta be the manager.I gotta be in charge.I gotta start a movement.I gotta reach my potential.Igotta be a success.Igotta get noticed. Igottadosomethingimportant.IgottaIgottaIGOTTA!!!


Slow down.


It’s all dust. It’s all nothing.

When we die we will be left with only one thing. How close to God? How holy? The rest will be gone.

Be holy. Seek ye first the kingdom.

Let the rest be according to God’s will.


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