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For All My Mothers
May 8, 2011, 8:58 pm
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Thank you for the unconditional love with which you graced me from my birth. You were the lap I could always run to, with whatever hurt or fear or sadness that troubled me. It was my first experience of the kind of love God has for His children.
Thank you for your continued love throughout my adult life. You have accepted and loved my wife as a daughter, and you have been to my children the kind of grandmother I always knew you would be. Thank you for moving here to be close to them and to us. We are truly blessed to have you in our lives.
My Mother-In-Law
Thank you for raising such a wonderful daughter. You planted within her a faith that is strong to this day, and that faith has saved our family more than once. You raised her to be a loving, courageous, and strong-willed woman who will do anything for her kids.
Thank you for welcoming me into your family. You made me feel at home and stood by me during my difficulties.
Thank you for being a wonderful grandmother to our children. You are always there for them and shower them with love.
My Wife
Thank you for being such a wonderful mother to my children. You are an amazing example of Christian self-sacrifice, always putting my needs and the needs of our children before your own. Your faith in God is an inspiration to your whole family.
Thank you for guiding me to the faith. Thank you for being the loving heart at the center of our family. Thank you for always seeming to know the right thing to say or do when one of our children is having difficulties. You are so insightful I sometimes wonder if you can read minds!
Thank you for managing motherhood, marriage, and business without batting an eye, even when the schedule seems impossible. Thank you for making the sacrifices necessary to see that our kids have never seen a daycare and that their mom is the first person they see when they walk out of school.
They are devoted to you in a way that humbles me.
The Blessed Virgin, My Heavenly Mother
Thank you for saying “Yes” to God, and bringing forth our savior, Jesus Christ. Thank you for raising Jesus and guiding Him as He grew and became a man.
Thank you for standing at the foot of the cross, and offering your motherly sorrow in union with Christ’s great sacrifice. Thank you for staying with the Apostles in the upper room, and helping them as they began our church.
Thank you for appearing to us La Salette, at Lourdes, at Fatima, and at so many other places. Thank you for the warnings and encouragements you brought.
Thank you for the rosary, and the scapular, and for listening to all our prayers.
Thank you for being Our Mother.


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Gary that was beautiful and an inspiration to read your acknowledgment for the many women who filled the role in your life. I hope the women you mentioned who are still bodily here on earth have the opportunity to read this themselves.

Comment by Matthew F

Thank you, Matthew. I am fortunate to still have my mother and mother-in-law with me. God bless you and thank you for visiting my site.

Comment by GLudlam

Wow, both of us had simular blogs, take a look at my entry on Mother’s Day. You are a blessed man, we both are…



PS I am a new blogger, I’d be honored if you approved of my humble blog to be on your blog roll.

Comment by Dave Rosen

Hi Dave!
Thanks for the comment. I am pretty new to this myself. I will definitely take a look at your blog!
God bless.

Comment by GLudlam

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