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5 Things I Think I Think (week ending Feb 4)
February 4, 2011, 5:54 pm
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1. I think the majority of “news” publicized by the networks and papers consists of :

  • manufactured stories designed to titillate the most vulgar of our appetites
  • political us vs. them pieces designed to influence the next election
  • scare stories designed to make us too anxious to miss the next update
  • entertainment “news” that reads like twitter updates from a soap opera

2. I think that in two weeks of not following the news, I have missed nothing. The three big stories – revolution in the Middle East, the big winter storm, and the cyclone in Australia – I absorbed through conversations with others.

3. I think that too many parents really don’t care how their kids do in school. I was at my son’s karate studio recently.  A mother who clearly hadn’t seen her son all day showed up at 6:30 to pick him up. (They run an after school care.) She glanced at a homework or test summary and said, “Wow! That’s the worst you’ve ever done!” The boy, probably a first grader, answered, “Sorry bout that”. The mother responded, “Me too” and shoved the paper, crumpling it, into his backpack. Neither of them seemed particularly “sorry bout that”, though I hope I’m wrong.

4. I think that the Feast of the Presentation of the Lord is way cooler than I had realized. It is also called, though most don’t realize it (I never did) the Feast of the Purification of Mary.  This link about the Presentation of the Lord is interesting reading. Makes me wish it were a Holy Day of Obligation.

5. I think I still don’t miss cable TV. In fact, I think I am still happy about it!


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